Top 5 -tips for succeeding at fair:

Well planned and executed fair will give in return even long after the even!


You can pick and choose from Viexpos TOP 5 -tips for a successful appearance at an international fair:


1. Set goals
Why are you entering the fair? What do you want to achieve? It is recommended to set a main goal for the fair. It can be e.g. getting new clients, strengthening existing client relationships, testing new innovations, strengthening your brand or at international fairs giving marketing aid for a local distributer. Carefully specified goals are the foundation for the fair appearance.


2. Plan
It is recommended to start planning the fair appearance in good time. It takes both skill and experience to plan a fair stand. When planning a stand, think about the main message that you want to give. State your main message in a way that makes it possible for the client at first glance to get an idea of your company, what you do and know and what you can offer. Be creative and bold in planning. Reflect on how you can catch the visitor attention to your stand in an interesting way!


3. Remember to inform about the fair
Inform in advance about your fair appearance in your company’s media (web site, customer magazines, brochures, advertisements). Send invites to your stand, arrange meetings with potential contacts. Remember to tell in advance about your possible new products and about any happenings at your stand. Don’t forget translations of your material at international fairs!


4. Make sure that your fair personnel are active
Choose your fair personnel carefully and engage the team. The personnel should be easily approached, have good language skills and be extrovert. Make sure to train the personnel in advance, give everyone their own specific tasks and inform the team about the goals and about meeting the clients.


5. Keep your promises after the fair
The actual success at the fair will be determined afterwards. How will the different contacts be handled, in which timetable and how will the clients who showed interest be approached? Do not forget about the business cards and the valuable contact information. Compare the results with your goals for the fair. Remember, the planning for the next fair begins right after the previous one!