Growth opportunities from the world

Are you interested in Scandinavia, Central Europe, Africa or perhaps Latin America? Maybe you are interested in Asian or American market? The international market offers numerous opportunities for small and medium-sized companies, in particular for comprehensive export solutions offered by the SMEs.   

Growth opportunities from the world

Viexpo serves small and medium-sized companies in diverse ways at different stages of internationalisation. We help your business to identify and exploit the opportunities offered by the global market through our partners and comprehensive co-operation network. We walk beside you at different stages of the development path. We will spar your business to achieve better sales results and travel with you around the world.


We will first create a clear picture of the company’s current situation so that we can proceed towards the right direction. We go through your business today. We discuss and write down the most important information about your business. We go through your history, business idea, product, customers, customer segments, and resources, from different aspects. We identify the challenges and define your goals accordingly, whether it’s launching a new product in a certain country, exporting new service innovations or moving to a new market. Already in this phase, we are discussing together how to proceed step by step.


We conduct a market analysis including competitor analysis and examine the operating environment. At the same time, we figure out whether the product/service needs adaptions to enter the target market. We also consider the distribution networks and plan participation in events including fairs, which would be worth visiting already at this stage. We also search potential co-operation opportunities with other companies, since together we can most of the times achieve more.


If you want more information about growth opportunities, please contact our internationalisation experts. Together, we will find new opportunities for your business around the world! Visit also Team Finland’s Market Opportunities website, where you can find information about foreign sales leads, future trends and different markets.

With Nordic quality to the developing markets


For this year’s theme, we have chosen developing markets such as the Middle East and North Africa, and we will share more information about the opportunities offered for companies in these markets.


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