Integrated fair services

Viexpo has years of experience of coordinating fair appearances and in arranging joint stands. Every year Viexpo organizes several opportunities for Finnish companies to participate as exhibitors in leading international fairs in a variety of fields.

Integrated fair services

Viexpo is the official Finnish partner of several international fair organizers, and coordinates and administrates the participation of the companies to fairs all over the world. With the help of Viexpo, you can enter the fair in a joint or separate stand. The joint stand is cost-effective and offers good visibility. If you choose a separate stand, you can select the location of the stand yourself and the stand will be executed according to your requirements.


Successful fair appearance is a result of rigorous preparation. Viexpo offers companies a preparation package which includes information about the market, sparring, finding and contacting potential clients and partners, arranging meetings at the fair, analysis of competition and listings of suitable media contacts.


During the fair Viexpo offers on-site-support to serve the exhibitors at the fair. Viexpo also offers help to arrange meetings at the fair and to participate in the meeting if needed.


After the fair, Viexpo offers a follow up package which consists of contacting potential clients and partners for the company.


Companies can choose overall fair package or separate parts of it according to their needs. This way, the companies can have the best suited, custom made, cost-effective service according to their own desires and needs.


We will serve the companies from beginning to end of fair package with expert knowledge and long experience.

For example, our full-service fair-package at Elmia Subcontractor fair includes


  • The stand and insurance
  • Rented structures of the stand and electricity costs
  • Building and dismantling of the stand
  • Welcomer service during fair
  • Representing companies at the fair


We also offer fair sparring for the companies participating for the first time.

Business Finland trade fair grant for SMES


Business Finland awards Trade Fair grants to groups of at least four SMEs who are participating in a major trade fair in their sector that is held abroad. Your company can receive a Trade Fair grant covering up to 50% of the eligible costs of the project.


Top 5 -tips for succeeding at fair:


1) Set goals

2) Plan

3) Remember to inform about the fair

4) Make sure that your fair personnel are active

5) Keep your promises after the fair


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Contract fairs

It is important to choose the right fairs in order to meet customers from your own target group. Besides on our News site, you can find our current contract fairs below.

Contact us

We are constantly gathering information about the companies’ interest toward different fairs and are happy to get suggestions about interesting fairs. When it comes to fairs, you can contact Elina and Katja, or any of our experts in internationalisation.

Katja Jankens

Senior Advisor


“I have a lot of experience from helping companies to new markets. My special field of knowledge is Scandinavia and especially Norway and Denmark. I work as Project manager for the project Nordic Gateway, which aims for Scandinavian markets. My other responsibilities include besides basic guidance, planning and carrying out fairs and export promoting excursions. I work from the Pietarsaari office.”


050 573 88 76

Elina Ruohonen

Viexpos contact person in France


“I have several years of experience in fields like agricultural and forestry machinery, design and creative sectors as well as food industry. I also have strong knowledge of the markets in France and French speaking countries and of Germany and German speaking countries. My responsibilities include contract fairs, their planning and marketing. I work from France.”



+358 50 385 4373