Market analysis

Market analysis helps to facilitate the company’s internationalisation process. Market analysis helps you survey the market, find new partners and customers, and find out more about competition in the international markets.

Market analysis

A thorough, market-specific analysis is made when the company is ready to internationalise. A market analysis provides the information that an internationalising company needs to develop a strategy for the new market, such as customers, competitors, products, distribution channels, authorities, and other channels of influence. A market analysis also helps to determine the market shares, the correct price level and the competitive advantages of the products.



A successful market analysis facilitates access to profitable international business and provides tips for planning your own business. The content of Viexpo’s market analysis is always created in co-operation with the customer.


  • general market information on the target country and industry
  • competitor analysis
  • customers and their segmentation
  • identification of product’s potential on the target market
  • examination of the need for product adaption in the target market
  • price level analysis
  • consumption and purchasing habits in the target market
  • partner search
  • search of retail channels
  • search of important actors and networks in the field
  • examination of the laws and directives of the target country
  • examination of the target country’s media and impact channels
  • Finding and analyzing potential events in the target country and other marketing events


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“I have long experience of market surveys in different sectors and different market areas. I also have long experience of developing project for companies utilizing market information and design thinking. My responsibilities include basic guidance, market surveys and the events belonging to the theme year 2018: North Africa and Middle East. I work from the Vaasa office.”


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