Ready to export?

Viexpo provides advice on basic export-related issues. Together with your company we will examine preconditions and challenges of your company’s export. In addition, we help to define the steps and the progress strategy for the export path. Ready to export?

Basic advisory

In the basic advisory phase, we analyse the company’s current state and export opportunities. We advise on financing and we will also help with filling and planning of applications.


We create together a progress strategy and start implementing it. A good progress strategy is always based on up-to-date market information, so that unnecessary pitfalls can be avoided. The progress strategy is based on the prevailing market situation in a new market, so that the progress can be controlled.

Finland100- growth from Scandinavia

Finland100 campaign, carried out by Viexpo in the autumn 2017, is great example of basic advisory services. During the Campaign, we visited 100 companies in the region of three Ostrobothnian provinces, discussed about their current business situations, future export plans and potential challenges. In addition to the current state analysis, we also searched one potential sales lead from Scandinavian market for each company and we started to build export paths with several companies.


Before heading to export markets it is good to consider e.g. the following questions together with our experts:



1) Why we want to start export?


2) What are the target markets ?


3) How to finance export?


4) What are the actions needed to start export?

Contact our internationalisation experts. They can help with export-related questions.