Matias Rosström is Viexpo’s new Brand & Communications Advisor

Matias Rosström is Viexpo’s new Brand & Communications Advisor

Matias Rosström joined the Viexpo team on 1.4.2021 and now works as Brand & Communications Advisor.

Matias has wide experience in the media industry, both as a self-employed person and as an employee. He has worked with small and large TV projects and commercials, concerts, corporate events and expos, corporate branding, digital marketing and webinars.

“Communication and marketing are constantly evolving, dare to stand out and try to be unique”

  • How should companies communicate today?
  • How to keep up with the latest marketing trends?
  • How to communicate properly towards new export markets?

Matias helps you and your company to identify the basic needs for you. With the help of his knowledge and network of contacts in Finland and the Nordic countries, he makes sure that you get exactly the help you need.

“To highlight the right things and to dare to be unique – That’s THE Key”, Matias reminds us, and will gladly help you to find the right and unique characteristics of your company.

You can contact Matias in all matters concerning communication and marketing. With his experience and know-how as well as his wide network of contacts, you will surely find a good marketing and communication model for your company.

“This role feels very meaningful, and I look forward to helping companies with their communication and marketing towards new export markets,” says Matias.

Matias is a positive and calm communication expert who likes to think a little outside the box. He is passionate about meeting new people, understanding the people behind the different companies and meaningfully helping them achieve their goals. Good communication and marketing are based on a deeper understanding of the entire corporate vision and goals and of the people behind the entire brand.

“We at Viexpo are very happy to have a young and energetic colleague like Matias in our team. Matias is passionate about what he does and will bring a lot of added value to both the export companies and our organization “, states Kristian Schrey – CEO of Viexp0.

Contact Matias if you and your company need advice in communication and marketing!

+358 400 708 979