LineDeck Oy

About This Project

LineDeck has been operating since 2016 and manufactures deck flooring/carpet series for boats. The company also manufactures sheet material that you can cut to fit by yourself and that can be used besides on boats also, for instance, on terraces and balconies.


In the beginning of 2021, the entrepreneurs Jyrki Sivonen and Teppo Karttunen noticed that there is a demand for their product, but it was challenging for them to run the rapidly growing business by themselves. The entrepreneurs ended up applying for ELY Centre development services, which provides companies a way to cost-effectively with an outside expert go through issues that are relevant for the own business, the future directions and development needs


Together with Viexpo, work began with mapping LineDeck’s situation, strengths and challenges, what to focus on as well as goals for the coming 2-3 years. It was clearly recognized that the product would have potential also in Sweden and consequently focus was put on Sweden as the market area.


The work with updating the action plan went smoothly and very practically. The person in charge from Viexpo was actively directing the discussions according to the goals that were set in the beginning and challenged our views. With the help of her broad knowledge, she brought additions that can be used well in practice when developing the operation, Jyrki Sivonen from LineDeck says.


As a result, a development plan with concrete actions was made for LineDeck and possibilities for financing them were also mapped. Financing for future actions was also received.


The service that we received was of high quality and it served our goals extremely well – even beyond our expectations. We highly recommend Viexpo’s services also to other companies that are aiming for growth and internationalization.


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