Say Welcome, to the young NordicHub visionaries!

Say Welcome, to the young NordicHub visionaries!

It is now time to welcome the newest members to the NordicHub team; Hanna, Anna, Otso, Anton, Siri ,and Henri. They will be known as the NordicHub rookies! They will be with us for the next three weeks. During this time they will be given the opportunity to contribute new ideas and fresh visions to the NordicHub project. We will be working on our social media marketing with them, producing a vlog, doing development research and brainstorming ideas. We will also challenge the rookies help to realise the ambition of increasing the awareness of how rich the nordics are with opportunity for entrepreneurship, networking and export. This message will be communicated to the interns’ high schools.


“Hello! My name is Hanna Pundars and I’m 16 years old. I am about to begin my second year at Vasa Övningsskolas gymnasium. Subjects that interests me are social studies, psychology and languages. During my leisure time I spend a lot of time in the stable. From this summer job I expect to learn more about marketing, internationalization and how to use social media in an enterprising way. I would like to learn more about marketing because of my interest in it. I find Internationalization very important, for example for preventing cultural clashes which is why I think it’s a valuable knowledge. I am open for new challenges and I can contribute with my language skills, my experiences with social media and cheerfulness!”

“My name is Anna Koskela. I’m an 18-year-old student from Vaasa. I’m hard-working and reliable, and I tend to pursue perfection. I study a lot, but I’m especially interested in politics and languages. I have participated in international school projects and I’m hoping to be able to continue this also in the future. That’s why I’m looking forward to working with the NordicHub project. I’d like to get to know new people and the international business world in Viexpo and improve my language skills at the same time. I’ll try to create a communicative atmosphere and new ideas with a youthful aspect to help the NordicHub project forward.”

“My name is Otso Tolonen. I am a 16-year, second year student from Vaasa. I have always, as long as I can remember at least, been interested in business and international trade. Having my own company is a long-term dream of mine and in the pursuit of that I have been involved for exempel in Junior Achievement -program, in order to gain experience and information to make my dream come true. For that reason, the internship at NordicHub coordinated by Viexpo sounded very interesting from the beginning. Now only one day in; there’s a lot to be learned and a lot to be absorbed. I am looking forward to learning new information about business, how a company functions and how it is run and marketed. As a motivated and business-inspired active youngster I can bring with me some unique aspects from things I have real-life experience and understanding in.”

“Hello, my name is Anton Vest, I´m sixteen years old and I study in Vasa övningsskolas gymnasium. In the autumn I will start my final year in the school. I am fully bilingual, as I speak Finnish and Swedish daily. I also speak English at a good level. On my free time I like to play football, exercise and hang out with friends and family. I like to get to know new people and address new challenges. And I therefore think that this summer job will suit me perfectly. I am also very interested in marketing and entrepreneurship and I think that these three weeks will give me knowledge about the subjects in question. I have attended a business and management course this spring in school, which have resulted in me and a couple of friends coming up with an app idea. I expect that these three weeks will give me a wider range of skills in marketing, teamwork on an international level and how to construct the best entirety by taking things step by step. Therefore I hope I can bring knowledge about entrepreneurship and internationalization to this project. I will contribute with a lot of positive energy, joy and innovative thinking. “

“I’m Siri, a sixteen-year-old high school student from Kokkola. I just finished my first year at ”Karleby svenska gymnasium” and on my free time I play football and read. I’m bilingual in Finnish and Swedish and I also speak English and a little Spanish. I am interested in different cultures and after high school I want to study abroad. I am always ready to learn and I think that I’ll learn a lot of new things about internationalization and international business at Viexpo. This is going to be an amazing experience and I hope that my internship here will help me understand what I want to study in the future.”

“I am Henri Vennström 17 years old. I study at ’’Kokkola yhteislyseo’’, and I am starting my third year of high school studies in August. My native language is Finnish and I also speak good English. On my free time I like jogging, going to the gym and playing various sports with my friends. I am interested in business and how to improve companies and how to internationalize their export. Therefore when I heard I got a summerjob from viexpo, I started to wait for the job to start with excitement. I think that the coming three weeks are going to be a great experience and I hope I will learn a lot about improving companies and how to internationalize them.”