National Finnish Clusters Event

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National Finnish Clusters Event

3 syyskuun - 4 syyskuun


Viexpo/NordicHub invites you to

– The power of clusters: Making history together

in Kokkola, Finland, Sept. 3–4, 2024

Note: Limited number of places. Registration form below!

Over the past decade, clusters have become key players in regional growth, cooperation and international synergies. Networks of clusters bring together companies, research centres and related institutions. Everyone has a common mission –to promote innovation and growth and create a common ecosystem ready to expand business.

Clusters play an increasingly important role in this. The European Commission recognises the importance of clusters and strongly supports their objectives. In EU Member States, cluster cooperation is supported in different ways, from national policies to regional initiatives and national cluster organisations.

In Finland, regionally established clusters are an essential part of regional cooperation. Many actively participate in European networks, highlight regional priorities and promote operational strategies.

We offer an opportunity for a joint meeting where Finnish clusters can discuss together how to proceed with building a national cluster network and create a plan for a national cluster strategy so that Finnish clusters feel that they benefit from it in developing their own operations.

The National Finnish Clusters Event will be held in Kokkola, Sept. 3–4, 2024!

What you can expect from the event?

  1. ECCP / European Clusters Alliance Insights: We hear the views of the European Commission and the ECCP on the roles, significance, challenges and potential impacts of clusters.
  2. Learnings from Swedish clusters: Our Swedish colleagues talk about their own cluster work and how Sweden promotes cluster development. Sweden’s experiences are interesting from the perspective of the Finnish national cluster network.
  3. Clusters in Finland: We discuss the future of Finnish clusters –their development, challenges and goals.

Finnish cluster – Join us! Let’s discuss, plan and develop together. We have an opportunity to build a national network, create a common vision and learn from international partners.
Everyone can strongly contribute to the national cluster strategy and bring the vision and strategy of their own cluster to the attention of others. This is a unique opportunity for Finnish clusters to learn from the experiences of other clusters and participate in the cluster community.

Let’s make history together!


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Participation requires registration! Please register on August 16th at the latest. 
Note: Limited number of places. The places will be filled in order of registration.


For more information:

Triinu Varblane
NordicHub Manager | Export Advisor
+358 44 332 3134

Kristian Schrey
+358 50 572 8253


3 syyskuun
4 syyskuun
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