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Kristian Schrey

I have several years of experience as entrepreneur in different fields, and of work with start-up companies. I want to work with companies who want to expand, regardless of the industry, by creating them prerequisites for succeeding in the international markets. My responsibilities include basic guidance, consultation, coordinating export networks and co-operation to China. I work from the Vaasa office.


Martina Buss

I have long administrative experience. My tasks are related to administration and communication. I work from the Vaasa office.



Kåre Björkstrand

I have long experience of work as an export manager in food industry. I have sold berries as a raw material for industry customers on several markets. Mainly to the Nordics, Central Europe, and Asia, especially to Japan and China.
I have strong competence of export in practice, B2B sales, acquisition of new customers, maintaining relations with export partners and holistic planning of export business.
I will be pleased to share my experiences and knowledge of the work as an export manager with the companies in the area.
I work mostly within Ostrobothnia from Kristiinankaupunki to Pietarsaari. However, I will meet companies wherever there is need for improving export activities. I have offices both in Vaasa and Pietarsaari.

Central Ostrobothnia


Carita Pöntiö

I have a strong background in entrepreneurship with an experience of 15 years as an entrepreneur and a CEO in food and leather industry. My responsibilities include besides the main responsibility of the company even handling marketing and sails both in Europe and beyond. I have long experience of business, internationalisation and export! I work from the Kokkola office.

Southern Ostrobothnia

Anne Viitala

Anne Viitala

I have long experience of B2B sales, acquisition of new customers, development work, starting and leading export.

My experience in export sales includes more than 10 countries, e.g. Russia, England, Arab Emirates and all the countries in Scandinavia and Baltic. I have also arranged export and fair trips, events, and other actions such as meetings and market surveys for companies. I have special knowledge in furniture industry. In Southern Ostrobothnia I will help all SME companies regardless their industry in questions about export. I would be please to drop by, together we can find the best way for your company to increase sales with export and internationalisation. My offices are in Seinäjoki and Kurikka.



Maarit Mäkelä

I am at my best when I get to plan a company’s internationalization and how to get the whole package as functional as possible. I am good at yearly planning, 3 year plan and to form goals. Without small steps no big results are achieved. I have worked with export my whole adult life and I have an MBA in International business management. I am the ELY Center’s authorized analyst regarding business development services. I also do basic guidance and consulting. I work from the Kokkola office.

Elinan kuva

Elina Ruohonen

I have several years of experience in fields like agricultural and forestry machinery, design and creative sectors as well as food industry. I also have strong knowledge of the markets in France and French speaking countries and of Germany and German speaking countries. My responsibilities include contract fairs, their planning and marketing. I work in France.


Minna Jakobsson

I have long experience of market surveys in different sectors and different market areas. I also have long experience of developing project for companies utilizing market information and design thinking. My responsibilities include basic guidance, market surveys and the events belonging to the theme year 2018: North Africa and Middle East. I work from the Vaasa office.

Laaksonen Lauri kotisivuille

Lauri Laaksonen

Marketing and Communications Specialist

+358 50 330 6652


I work with versatile tasks relating to marketing and communications. Besides Viexpo’s own communication, I am eager to help SMEs with developing their marketing and customer-oriented operations. To succeed in these tasks, I utilize my strong marketing mindset and knowledge.

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