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Marja-Riitta Vest


+358 40 539 6695


I have a versatile background and promote vitality. I am courageous, holistic visionary with long experience in developing the region and its companies. I have strong networks both in Finland and internationally. I manage Viexpo in change, working close to companies, in co-operation with different actors building Export Finland. My strengths are in leadership, strategic and change management and people management as well as in knowledge of the region and its companies and several years of experience of work promoting growth and export. I work from the Vaasa office.


Kristian Schrey

Vice CEO, Senior International Business Advisor

+358 50 572 8253


I have several years of experience as entrepreneur in different fields, and of work with start-up companies. I want to work with companies who want to expand, regardless of the industry, by creating them prerequisites for succeeding in the international markets. My responsibilities include basic guidance, consultation, coordinating export networks and co-operation to China. I work from the Vaasa office.


Joakim Södergård

Economy and Administration

+358 50 408 44 22


I work in financial management and my responsibilities have mainly to do with the financial and personnel administration. I work from the Vaasa office.


Martina Buss

Executive Assistant

+358 50 512 7860


I have long administrative experience. My tasks are related to administration and communication. I work from the Vaasa office.


Maarit Mäkelä

Senior International Business Advisor

+358 50 373 7044


Leave of absence.


Jani Takamaa

Senior International Business Advisor

+358 50 512 3755


I am a specialist in international business, sales and marketing. I have special knowledge in sectors like agricultural, food and forestry as well as metal and subcontracting. My responsibilities include basic guidance, consultation and coordinating export networks. I work from the Kokkola office.


Elina Ruohonen

Senior International Business Advisor

+358 50 385 4373


I have several years of experience in fields like agricultural and forestry machinery, design and creative sectors as well as food industry. I also have strong knowledge of the markets in France and French speaking countries and of Germany and German speaking countries. My responsibilities include contract fairs, their planning and marketing. I work in France.


Minna Jakobsson

International Business Advisor

+358 50 572 7404


I have long experience of market surveys in different sectors and different market areas. I also have long experience of developing project for companies utilizing market information and design thinking. My responsibilities include basic guidance, market surveys and the events belonging to the theme year 2018: North Africa and Middle East. I work from the Vaasa office.


Katja Jankens

International Business Developer

+358 50 573 8876


I have a lot of experience from helping companies to new markets. My special field of knowledge is Scandinavia and especially Norway and Denmark. I work as Project manager for the project Nordic Gateway, which aims for Scandinavian markets. My other responsibilities include besides basic guidance, planning and carrying out fairs and export promoting excursions. I work from the Pietarsaari office.


Kajsa Emmerich

International Business Developer

+358 50 309 2810


I help companies in exporting to Germany and Scandinavia. I also work in the project Nordic Gateway and arrange Viexpos events. My responsibilities include also basic guidance and market analysis. I have specialized in German markets and have lived in Germany for several years. I speak excellent German and know the business culture of Germany. I also have wide networks in different sectors. I work from the Pietarsaari office.


Julia Ruotsi

Marketing and Communication Assistant & NordicHub Project Manager


+358 50 358 5669


Our team also includes:

Beda Arponen, International Business Trainee

(26.4.-30.6.2018 and 1.8-31.8.2018)

Vaasa office

Arshed Iqbal, Export Assistant


Vaasa office

Heidi Asplund, Translator Trainee


Pietarsaari and Vaasa office

Stella Pon-Onnela, International Business Trainee


Kokkola office

Ellinor Nynäs, International Business Trainee


Pietarsaari office

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