Viexpo as a company

Cooperative Viexpo is a non-profit organization that provides free basic advice to companies and manages publicly supported services. Our main function is to advise companies from different fields with their questions regarding export and internalisation. We aim to improve SME’s capabilities in different stages of internalisation, speed up companies’ penetration into the new markets, make it easier to start exporting products and reduce the risks of internalisation and export. We explore each company’s potential to export and be international, that is what we are best in.


NordicHub who is a bridge builder between Nordic companies, clusters and networks and is helping companies grow into the Nordic market, is our link to co-operation and networking in the Nordics.


Our services include:


Our strength is our wide domestic and international network, and our experts have several years’ worth of experience in helping companies reach new markets. Viexpo has a significant regional and national role in promoting the internationalisation of the SMEs. We operate as a part of Team Finland  network in the municipalities and as an independent internationalisation unit of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Ostrobothnia. In addition, we cooperate with all the institutions that aim to the same goals as us; to strengthen the SMEs.


Our way-of-working is successful and unique in Finland. We operate effectively with a small organisation, and we have had a significant effort to build the Export Finland. We function smoothly across the boundaries of municipalities and emphasize collaboration as the basis of all operations. Together we are more.


Viexpo operates bilingually, both in Finnish and Swedish. Viexpo is able to provide internationalisation services in several languages as needed. Services are mainly provided with the following languages: English, German, French, Norwegian and Danish.  Through our network we have contacts to Russian, Spanish, Arabic and many other language speaking experts, who are also familiar with the foreign business cultures.

This is Viexpos story




Viexpo’s mission is to support the internationalisation of SMEs with services and advice, and thereby produce workplaces and welfare in Finland.


We want to be the first in mind when a company contemplates export and internationalisation to the Nordics and to the world.
We will always help the companies in all situations.
We want to be the best workplace in the world, and we all take responsibility for that.

Our values

Openness, client orientation and dependability can be seen throughout in our work.

Our Business Culture


The business culture at Viexpo is including and dynamic. As a unit favoring internationalisation, diversity is an important base. We believe in open leadership and a sense of community. We also believe that by providing an inspiring work environment that emphasizes responsibility, we can help our employees to bloom. We believe in co-operation and networking and will be an exemplary partner to our customers and stakeholders. We are proud of our history and roots and learn from these as basis.

Viexpo’s board

Chairman of board:

Jarl Sundqvist, CEO, Concordia



Paula Erkkilä, CEO, Pohjanmaan kauppakamari

Angelique Irjala, CEO, Kristiinankaupungin Elinkeinokeskus Oy

Michael Johansson, CEO, El-Ho Oy

Timo Lahtinen, CEO, Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Oy, Kosek

Thomas Palmgren, Manager of International Affairs, Suomen Yrittäjät

Anna-Kaisa Pusa, Mayor, Kurikka

Stefan Råback, CEO, Vaasan seudun kehitys Oy, Vasek

Timo Saari, Director General, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Ostrobothnia