NordicHub is a national competence hub coordinated by Viexpo, which focuses on Nordic business operations and especially on export. NordicHub operates in a network-based cooperation and utilizes the strongest know-how of each region. NordicHub builds network-based operations in Finland in order to increase the level of SMEs exporting to the Nordics markets. In addition, to the national competence hub, NordicHub creates and forms a Nordic business service network and continues to build thorough Nordic export solutions to the rest of the world.

The special strenght of Viexpo and Ostrobothnia region is the natural link to the Nordics. Connections from the coast of Ostrobothnia to the Nordics are good, language and culture are familiar and traditions of cooperation are strong. Coastal export traditions from Finland to the other Nordic countries extend beyond 1 000 years, Viexpo’s own history as an export promoter goes back to 1970. On this natural link we have created and built NordicHub.

Coastal export traditions from Finland to the other Nordic countries extend beyond 1 000 years, Viexpo’s own history as an export promoter goes back to 1970.

About 50% of the people in the Ostrobothnia speak Swedish as their mother tongue, and 5% speak other language than Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue. Pohjanmaa lukuina 2015

The history of the coastal zone relies heavily on the time of the Swedish Kingdom. As a result, Swedish culture, strong social capital and trust in others, are strongly present in Ostrobothnia. Studio55 11/2012

The Nordic cooperation is build around similar culture, education,  environment, citizen’s rights, economy and industry structure and information technology. Pohjola-Norden 2018

NordicHub’s headquarter is located in Bock’s Corner in Vaasa.

= Quality, trust & shorter negotiations



We have great connections from Ostrobothnia to Scandinavia by plane, road and sea.



There are 6 universities in Ostrobothnia and 3 universities in Central Ostrobothnia. If we take into account also students from Umeå University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, there are altogether about 100,000 students at the altitude of Ostrobothnia.



The NordicHub network consists of regional and national organizations that promote trade, young visionaries, and people behind strong export companies who are open and ready to share their knowledge. Together we help companies in Scandinavia and from there to the world.



We have the largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries, as well as other diverse and strong industries. A broad understanding of the different industries and their unique needs is one of the strengths of our region.

Cooperation with Universities and High-Schools

Viexpo and NordicHub offer annually for University students an opportunity to complete three months internship with in international business and Nordic cooperation. We expect trainees to have fluent Finnish or Swedish language skills, good English, Master’s Degree studies, business understanding, and self-initiative and hardworking attitude. We consider internship vouchers offered by the universities as an advantage. We are also happy to cooperate with theses and various course assignments.


You can send internship application around the year to the following e-mail address: vaasa(at)


NordicHub is involved in the Responsible Summer Job campaign!

This summer NordicHub, which is coordinated by Viexpo, offers for six high school students an opportunity to work with international business and development of Nordic cooperation. The high-school students will work for three weeks in June in Vaasa and Kokkola with information search, development work and marketing.


In June, you can follow our summer employees and their work from Viexpo’s blog, social media and video diaries!