NordicHub – a bridge builder to the Nordics for companies and clusters


Viexpo, which specialises in internationalisation services, coordinates NordicHub, which has two main functions: it is a Nordic network for Finnish clusters and a platform for Finnish cluster activities.


Read more about NordicHub and its network on NordicHub’s own website: (The link opens in a new window.)

1. We are a platform for Finnish cluster activity and its development. Our goal is to highlight and connect Finnish clusters. We want to increase information exchange so that not only cluster actors’, but also decision-makers’ and the broader audience’s awareness and knowledge about clusters and cluster activity increases.


2. We act as a bridgebuilder with the aim of connecting Finnish clusters with Nordic clusters and promoting cooperation between them. We do this in tight collaboration with our Nordic partners. The goal is also to start joint projects together and introduce new overall solutions utilizing modern and proactive ecosystems thinking.

In order to carry out the main activities, NordicHub provides Finnish clusters with free advice and necessary cluster information, and organises various events, such as webinars, trainings and national and international networking events. In addition, trips relevant to cluster activities are organised, especially to the Nordic countries.

You can access NordicHub’s own website here: (The link opens in a new window.)

You can contact us in all NordicHub questions!

Triinu Varblane

Export Advisor | NordicHub Manager

+358 44 332 3134