With Viexpo’s consulting services, you can get important information about your company’s operations. By utilizing the help of Viexpo’s expert, your company also gets new perspectives on, which way to develop your operations.

Viexpo’s Consulting Services – Are you on the right track?

With Viexpo’s consulting services, you have in your use a wide network around the world, which we have gathered within almost 50 years. Our consultants have strong expertise and diverse experience in various fields. By utilizing Viexpo’s skilled professionals, you can focus on your own work and rely on an expert consultant. Separate funding is also available for consulting services.


You can also ask more about our part-time export manager and export assistant services!


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The ELY Center’s business development services

With the help of the analysis services you will get an overview of the current state of your business and a clear development plan. The analysis service is intended for SMEs who want to systematically develop their operations. In order to implement the development plan, you will receive guidance on the development actions needed – consulting services, key personnel training or on other services.


As a result of the consulting services, you will get an analysis and report of the subject area and further recommendations for the company. The consulting services are divided into five areas of business development, which are tailored to the most appropriate development actions for a company’s needs:


  • Growth and renewal
  • Productivity and economy
  • Marketing and customer relationships
  • Management and staff
  • Commercialization of innovations

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You will get more information from our internationalization experts. You can contact Kristian, Maarit, Carita or our other experts.

CEO Kristian Schrey.

“I have several years of experience as entrepreneur in different fields, and of work with start-up companies. I want to work with companies who want to expand, regardless of the industry, by creating them prerequisites for succeeding in the international markets. My responsibilities include basic guidance, consultation, coordinating export networks and co-operation to China. I work from the Vaasa office.”


+358 50 572 8253


Ely-centres KEHPA-analyst at Viexpo,

Senior Advisor

Maarit Mäkelä


“I am at my best when I get to plan a company’s internationalization and how to get the whole package as functional as possible. I am good at yearly planning, 3 year plan and to form goals. Without small steps no big results are achieved. I have worked with export my whole adult life and I have an MBA in International business management. Currently I am a project leader of Widen Your Market – Invest in Export-project and I am also the ELY Center’s authorized analyst regarding business development services. I also do basic guidance and consulting. I work from the Kokkola office.”


+358 50 373 7044


Carita Pöntiö
Senior Advisor


”I have a strong background in entrepreneurship with an experience of 15 years as an entrepreneur and a CEO in food and leather industry. My responsibilities include besides the main responsibility of the company even handling marketing and sails both in Europe and beyond. I have long experience of business, internationalisation and export! I work from the Kokkola office.”


+358 44 987 5484