Export projects for groups of companies

The goal of export projects for groups of companies is to find new customers and partners in selected countries. We at Viexpo have solid experience in coordinating projects and especially of the synergy of company cooperation in export efforts. In most cases, public funding is also available for export projects.

Viexpo gathers the companies together, handles the application matters and is responsible for ensuring that the project operations are concrete and useful for companies. Please contact us so we can discuss what kind of help you need in business.

What is included in an export project for a group of companies?

  • During the project we will investigate your company’s situation and export capabilities, and if there are development needs, for example in terms of marketing materials, the necessary improvements will be made.
  • We will get information about competitors in the selected market, price level, requirements, best practices, distribution channels, etc.
  • We will explore the market on-site, open discussions with potential target groups and start building customer relationships.
  • As a part of the project, it is also possible to participate in trade fairs as a group of companies, do trial marketing in the target group, implement product development measures based on customer feedback and organize various network events in selected countries.
  • Project actions are always carried out according to the needs of the participating companies.


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Contact us, so we can discuss the situation and need in your company further.

Kåre Björkstrand
Export Advisor


“I have long experience of work as an export manager in food industry. I have strong competence of holistic planning of export business. My area of expertise lies in food export and I have led export projects for groups of companies.”



+358 50 536 6655


Carita Pöntiö
Export Advisor


“I have a strong background in entrepreneurship with an experience of 15 years as an entrepreneur and a CEO in food and leather industry. My responsibilities include besides the main responsibility of the company even handling marketing and sails both in Europe and beyond. I have long experience of business, internationalisation and export! I work from the Kokkola office.”


+358 44 987 5484