Complimentary Advice in Export Business


Viexpo offers help for your company in export related matters.

We provide complimentary advice for companies which are planning to start the export business, and for companies who are searching for a new approach for their existing export business. Together with your company we will find a solution to help your company to succeed.

We will help you identify the possibilities and the pitfalls. We will also help you with an action plan.

For companies who are planning to start the export business

We at Viexpo will help you start your export business. During this complimentary advice meeting, we will discuss your company’s current state, your goals and resources, and the main issues concerning starting export business. You will get an idea of what is expected of your company when starting the export business.

The following themes will be discussed:

  • Why do you want to start the export business?
  • What are the competitive advantages of your product or service?
  • Which is your target group?
  • Which market could have demand for your product or service?
  • How will you finance the export business?

After the complimentary advice meeting (2-3 h) your company will have a better view on whether to start the export business, what are the next steps available, and what would be the right option for your company. You will also learn about the different possibilities of financing.

For companies who have existing export business

We offer complimentary coaching for companies who already have export business outside the home market. The experts at Viexpo have a lot of practical experience of the export business. We will help you see your business from a new perspective.

The following themes can be discussed:


  • Making the objectives clear for your export business
  • Reviewing the financing possibilities
  • Identifying challenges in your export business and finding solutions


The complimentary advice meeting gives you a possibility to discuss challenges that you have faced in export business, to get new ideas to your existing business practice and to work with an expert to try out new ideas to develop. This gives your company a better understanding of the possibilities of action. You will also learn about the different possibilities of financing.

The complimentary advice meeting always aims to give your company a vision for the next steps whether it is some of our services, services of another expert or a sparring to help your company to develop your own business practices.

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